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Strictly By Hand has been offering the Anchorage community interior and exterior auto detailing for over 30 years. 

Owner Randy Hahn and his crew of auto detailers waits, armed and ready to hand wash dirty vehicles small or large. This crew keeps Strictly by Hand Auto Detailing humming like a fine-tuned synthesizer by waxing, vacuuming, and completely detailing any ride that stops in for a cleanup. When not plotting the destruction of the grime that lives in the doorjambs of jalopies, they steam-clean engines, remove tar and pet hair, and tend to the flowers hanging outside their shop.


All our details are done by people to ensure we get all the spots many of the machines will often miss. We handle each car with care ensuring to maintain the beauty of your car. We also offer finish enhancements like wax coating to protect your car and restore a like-new shine.

A clean car makes for a clean mind. Rest assured we will do just that for you so that you can focus on all the other busy things you have going on in life. 

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